Gas Flued Space Heating

Why install a gas space heater?

If you do not require whole-of-home heating, then may we suggest one of our fantastic Space Heating options. Choose from either the new Braemar Ecostar SH Space Heating Range or the Braemar Ecostar WF2000. These powerful yet elegant space heaters are ideal for one or two rooms up to 110 sqm. Like all gas heating systems, Braemar Ecostar Space Heating is an efficient form of heating, producing far less greenhouse gases than electricity or inefficient solid fuel heaters. The Braemar Ecostar ducted system is preferable if you want to heat the entire house.

Important note: When installing new gas appliances (or even when replacing existing gas appliances whether they are natural gas or propane – LPG) your gas fitter is obliged to give you a Certificate Of Compliance. This is required under the Gas Codes.



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