Installation Tips

Installation Tips for your Gas Central/Ducted Heating System

  1. The position of the main thermostat This should be located in the main living area away from a direct air path, sunlight and any false heat sources (TV, ovens etc.) The thermostat should be on an internal wall about 1500mm from the floor. Any additional zone thermostat should be well positioned so as not to get a false reading.
  2. The return air The return air is the re-circulation path in which the air returns to be heated or cooled this is normally located in a cupboard or void, it is best to be in the common area of the house where it is constantly heated or cooled. The return air should be located as low to the floor as possible even in a roof style installation.
  3. Return air filters The return air filter is not always required on just Gas Central Ducted Heating Systems. Although the Gas Central / Ducted Heating systems with Add-On Airconditioning, it is essential to be in place, The size of this filter has to be large enough not to restrict the air flow to the equipment or damage could result.
  4. Vents/outlets The vents or roof outlets should be located under or above the windows. Vent and outlets should always be discussed by the installer to find the best location to give the most efficient heating.
  5. Ducting and duct sizing Ducting and size of ducting can make or break a heating or cooling system. The ducting should be sized in such a way that the house can heat or cool evenly, This is done by the designing of the ducting system and sizing from the vents or outlets back to the equipment, all final branches should be even to allow even airflow, there should be no sharp bends and excess usage of ducting, all the ducting should be hung and even curves when bending corners.
  6. Installation When the person comes out to quote you on your system, make sure that they go under the house or into the roof to check that the system can be fitted in the way you want so it will meet your needs.
  7. Unit sizing Equipment always needs to be sized to your house, taking in to account the amount of glass and the insulation properties of your home, when add-on air-conditioning is allowed for the house should be sized for the area that needs to be cooled. Then the Gas Central/Ducted Heater sized to match the Add-On Air conditioner.
  8. If you’re not sure, ask questions! Contact us now, we can put you in contact with reliable reputable dealers installers is your area. 

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