Electric Pool Heating (Heat Pump)

Extend your swimming season electric Pool & Spa heaters, known as Heat Pumps

Raypak Rheem Thermal electric Pool & Spa heaters, also known as Heat Pumps, are a lot more efficient than straight Electric Pool Heating. Accent Heat Pumps work similar to an air-conditioning system for heating water, not air.

What is the difference between Heat Pumps and Gas Heaters, for Heating my Pool and/or Spa you may ask? 

Well, Accent Heat Pumps are designed mainly for Maintenance Heating. Keeping you Pool warm all the time without solely relying on solar. Heat Pumps can heat a Spa rapidly if sized correctly.  Gas Pool Heaters, on the other hand, are designed mainly for Heating On Demand. Like, heating when you want to use the Pool or Spa even on a cloudy day.

You have built your pool for your family and friends, using a Raypak Rheem Thermal Electric Heaty Pump Pool & Spa Heaters. You can then extend your entrainment and swimming season as long as you require.


Accent has designed their heaters with quality in mind, this including a lifetime warranty on the Titanium Heat Exchanger and now have interduce the new Tariff Optimizing Intelligent control reducing overall running cost. (Please refer to brochures below)


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