Why Gas?

The arguments for gas heating are compelling:

Gas is a highly efficient and clean form of heating and relatively inexpensive to run. Given that up to 33% of an average home energy bill is committed to home heating and/or cooling it makes perfect sense in this current economic climate to cut costs at every opportunity. And switching to gas is a proven way to save money. Gas is also healthier for your body and is better for the environment, creating fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and inefficient solid fuel heaters.

Environmental benefits:

greenhouse gasesThe build-up of greenhouse gas emissions is a major concern, which makes natural gas a responsible choice for home heating. Research commissioned by the Australian Gas Association* found that gas is well ahead of other forms of heating in limiting greenhouse gas emissions. For example, natural gas space heaters release one-third the emissions produced by heating from black coal-generated electricity. The performance of the Braemar & Brivis ducted system is even more impressive. Smoke from solid fuel heaters also contribute to air pollution and they are less energy efficient with a large percentage of heat lost up the chimney or flue. (*Source: Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Natural Gas, Australian Gas Association 2000.)

Health Benefits:

Air processed by electric heaters, such as reverse cycle air-conditioners, can dry out the air, irritating the skin, eyes, and throat. The outcome is no better from wood heaters which emit small particles in the smoke that can be harmful to health. Gas heating, on the other hand, results in a high comfort level and an asthma-safe environment˜. ˜Always consult your physician for advice regarding your specific circumstances.


One of the great benefits of ducted gas and gas space heating is that they work efficiently no matter how cold it is outside. People switching to gas heating are often surprised at how inexpensive they are to run. That’s not the case with many reverse cycle electric systems that lose their efficiency when the outside temperature drops below 5°C – just when they are needed most.
Gas Heating Vs Reverse Cycle Heating

Running costs:

Savings Per Year Cost Chart

A 2004 survey by the Sustainable Energy Authority in Victoria found that gas ducted heating is far cheaper to operate than any other form of central heating system, including reverse cycle air conditioning. Similar results were revealed to HIA GreenSmart in recent studies. Important note: When installing New Gas Appliances (or even just replacing an existing gas Appliance whether it is natural gas or propane – LPG) your gas fitter is obliged to give you a Certificate Of Compliance. This is required under the Gas Codes.   CO2 Emissions Chart, Gas Heating Vs Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning Chart, Savings Per Year Cost Chart – Source: Braemar 

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