Integrated Air Conditioning

How does Add-On Air Conditioning work?

Depending on the system and site, Add-On Air-Conditioning can be incorporated into a Gas Central/Ducted Heating system; The Add-On Airconditioning system is installed in the ductwork on the supply air side of the Gas Central/Ducted Heating System. The Add-On Air-Conditioner unit does not require its own fan or thermostat; it relies on the thermostat of the Gas Central / Ducted Heater to operate the fan. The Gas Central / Ducted Heater unit blows air across the coil cooling the air down, then cooled air flows through the ducting system to the vents out into the room and re-circulated back into the system to be cooled again. The Add-On Air-Conditioning System can be incorporated into the Gas Central/Ducted Heater system at a later date provided that the Gas Central Heating has been designed to be able to have Add-On Air-Conditioning attached. To be able to Add-On Air-Conditioning to the Gas Central / Ducted Heater, the installation will require a larger fan capacity along with increased ducting and vents. For the best performance of the Add-On Air-Conditioning unit, the fan capacity, ducting and vents will need to be allowed for in the original design of the Gas Central / Ducted Heating System.

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