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What is ducted heating?

Ducted Central Heating comprises a ducted heating unit, connected to a series of outlets. Positioned strategically throughout your home, these outlets, or ducts, are installed either in the floor or ceiling. The positioning of the heating unit depends on your house. A house built on a concrete slab, the heater would be located in the roof. If it has space underneath or a very low roofline, the unit is installed outside or under the floor. The ductwork, which connects the outlets to the heating unit, is neatly tucked away out of sight.

Whole house heating

With ducted heating, you don’t have to walk out of a warm room into a cold one. You can be watching TV while the kids are in bed and everyone stays warm. Gas Ducted central heating from Brivis / Rinnai is the most efficient way to heat your entire house. You can save up to $300* per year in operating costs to heat your entire home using a high-efficiency gas ducted heater compared to using gas space heaters. A household using electrical appliances for heating produces three times** more greenhouse gas emissions than a home using ducted gas appliances. *Sustainable Energy Authority Victoria, 2004 for a house size up to 150m2 **AGA (Australian Gas Association)

Move to a warm zone

Ducted Central heating offers heating flexibility through zoning. Zoning enables you to divide your home into sections; living areas can heat during the day and sleeping areas at night, or whatever suits you. Zoning is not only practical but economical. It can reduce your gas bill by up to $200 pa. in a typical home.

How does it work?

The heating unit draws air from inside your house into a return air grille. From here it then flows into the heater where it’s warmed, and later on to every room of your home via outlets, in the form of warm, gentle air.

Key Points

  • Warm air flows through small outlets into every room you want to heat.
  • Household Electrical heating appliances produce three times more greenhouse gas emissions than ducted gas appliances.
  • The most effective and inexpensive way to power any heater is natural gas.
  • Ducted central heating can heat your whole home.

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