Braemar Gas Central Ducted Heating

How does ducted gas heating work?

Ducted gas heating is one of the cleanest and most energy efficient forms of home heating – and the Braemar Ecostar is Australia’s most efficient range of ducted gas heaters. Depending on site conditions the whole heating system can be neatly concealed under the floor or in a roof space. The system works by drawing air from inside the home. A fan then blows this air over heated tubes before re-circulating the air into the house. Cleverly designed gas jets shape the flame to ensure that the maximum heat is obtained from the gas. The exhaust gases are drawn through the system, then expelled to outside. The flue gasses and inside are Never mix. The heated air travels through the ducting out through outlets in the floor or ceiling to ensure safe, clean and efficient heating for your home.

+ Is Braemar Ecostar safe for children?

There are no exposed hot surfaces or naked flames inside the house for little fingers to touch. There are no fume emissions inside the home and no exposed power cords or switches. Important note: When installing new gas appliances (or even when replacing existing gas appliances whether they are natural gas or propane – LPG) your gas fitter is obliged to give you a Certificate Of Compliance which is a required under the Gas Codes.

+ What form of heating is the most environmentally friendly?

Braemar is the first in the world to offer a seven-star ducted gas heater! Quite simply, this is the most energy-efficient heater on the market. Research commissioned by the Australian Gas Association in 2000* found that in the residential sector gas is a clear winner in limiting greenhouse emissions. By installing a Braemar Ecostar ducted gas system, you’ll do more than save on running costs – you’ll be contributing towards a healthier planet. *Source: Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Natural Gas, Australian Gas Association, 2000

+ Is the Braemar Ecostar suitable for people with allergies?

The Braemar Ecostar is ideally suited for people with allergies*. Not only is natural gas a clean-burning fuel, but also all flue emissions from the Braemar Ecostar heater will be expelled safely from your home. Furthermore, unlike some forms of heating, Ducted gas systems do not dry out the air, which can irritate the skin, eyes and throat. *Always consult your physician for advice regarding your specific circumstances.

+ Will a Braemar Ecostar have enough capacity to heat my home?

Braemar offers a complete range of ducted gas heaters to suit every application. All Hi-Tech Gas Services Braemar dealers are expertly trained to ensure correct heater selection and installation. Braemar Ecostar will heat your home effectively and efficiently.

+ Where is the Braemar Ecostar installed?

The installer can locate a Braemar ducted Gas Central Heating unit inside the roof space, under the house & also externally. The heating outlets, or ducts, can be positioned in the floor or ceiling, depending on your preference and the type of house. Most modern homes are built on concrete slabs there four the unit and the ducting would be located in the roof cavity that’s the only option. Heating from the ceiling does work as well as heating from the floor provided the installation is done correctly.

+ Can I set different temperatures in different parts of the house?

Yes! The MagIQtouch Multizone Controller allows you to set different temperatures in up to four designated areas within the house. Just decide which rooms are to be included in each heating zone when organising installation of your Braemar Ecostar ducted gas heating system with the MagIQtouch Multizone option. Each area has its a dedicated MagIQtouch controller which means you can select individual comfort levels throughout your home. With the MagIQtouch Multizone Controller you can also:

  • Choose automatic or manual operation.
  • Automatically turn zones on and off up to twice daily.
  • Pre-warm the home for your arrival.
  • Regulate the temperature while you sleep.

+ How does gas ducted heating compare to other central heating systems?

Gas ducted heating is more effective and far cheaper to run than any other form of central heating*, including reverse cycle air conditioning. With Braemar Ecostar, not only will your home stay warm during winter, but you’ll save money on heating costs as well. VIEW COST SAVINGS CHART. It’s also worth remembering that reverse cycle systems lose heating efficiency once the outside temperature drops below about 5°C – the time when you need the heat most. By contrast, Braemar Ecostar manages to maintain a steady warm environment – no matter how cold it gets outside. VIEW GAS HEATING VS REVERSE CYCLE HEATING CHART.

+ How does the MagIQtouch Multizone Controller save on running costs?

Running costs can be lowered even further with Ecostar’s new MagIQtouch Multizone Controller because it gives householders the flexibility to turn off the heater in different parts of the home, or reduce the temperature in rooms that require less heat. This greater control equates to genuine savings on heating costs and much greater personal comfort for you and your family.

+ Can one controller be used for the entire house?

Yes, it can. A master controller operates all zones and can be located where you choose, usually in the main living area. The MagIQtouch controller can be used to remotely switch the heating on or off in other zones as required.

+ What is the Gas Energy Rating of the Ecostar?

Braemar is the first in the world to offer a 7-star ducted gas heater! Quite simply, this is the most energy-efficient heater on the market. And, when you consider that every additional star represents a 10 to 15% drop in running costs, this is great news for every Australian. Every gas heating appliance sold in Australia must be tested and certified for use by a NATA accredited laboratory. These results are used by the Australian Gas Association (AGA) to measure performance levels. The stars are a clear guide to the energy efficiency of an appliance — the more stars, the better the efficiency rating. The high energy efficiency achieved by Braemar Ecostar means that it uses less gas to heat your home, which means extra dollars in your pocket.


+ How easy is the new MagIQtouch Multizone controller to use?

It’s effortless. Each designated zone within your home has a separate wall-mounted controller which works independently. It’s a unique system that allows you to control the temperature in different parts of the house.

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