Fluidra, Astral, Zodiac, Hurlcon Pool & Spa Heating

Astral Pools and Zodiac Pools have merged and are known as Fluidra Pool Products. They have a complete range of Gas Pool and Spa Heaters from the HX 70mj 79% efficient Spa Heater to the 83% efficient JXI and IXI Gas Heaters for pools and spas.

It is always recommended that your pool and Spa is sized to meet your requirements.

With a gas heater it is best to use on demand for heating, e.g. Saturday morning your pool is 18 degrees you have people coming over Saturday night you can heat you pool to 29 degrees

or more provide that you have the correct unit for the job.

That is where Hi-Tech Gas Services can help, just call or use the contact page for more information.
The HX units for mainly small spas.

The JX wall hung units for Spa and Pools with limited space to locate the Gas Heater.

The JXI & IXI units range in size for most pool and larger spas.

All Astral Pool and Spa heaters can be either indoor with an attached flue or outdoor. They can be ordered in Natural Gas or Bottle Gas (LPG).

Hi-Tech Gas Services can Service and Repair your Astral Hurlcon, Zodiac Gas Pool & Spa Heater along with all other brands.

Hi-Tech Gas Services will point you in the right direction.


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